IBD Soft Gel Range

IBD Professional

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IBD Soft Gel Range


Best Used for:

Soft Gel Tips
3D Nail Art


Push back overgrown cuticles and remove with a cuticle pusher. If needed, use cuticle nippers to trim off excess. 
Gently remove the shine from the natural nail by using a fine nail file or buffer block. 
Apply IBD dehydrate, followed by IBD PowerBond.
Scoop a small bead of IBD Solid Gel using a IBD Soft Gel Tip. 
Press the IBD Soft Gel tip onto the nail. If you see any air bubbles make sure to adjust the IBD Soft Gel Tip. 
If there is too much adhesive, wipe off the excess before moving on to step 7. 
Keep applying pressure and flash cure under LED Lamp for 15 seconds or 45 seconds if using UV lamp. *) Once all of the nails are done, cure for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 minutes using a UV Lamp.

IBD Flash Curing Lamp UV/LED

UV/LED, USB Input, Snap Switch, Easy To Use, Portable, One-Click Use

IBD Mini LED Lamp

Perfect for flash curing
Light for travel
Use to cure full gel manicure
60 second and 120 second timers
Comes with a USB cord

IBD Soft Gel Adhesive - 14g

Use to Adhere Soft Gel Tips To The Natural Nail 

Soak Off Formula

IBD rubber Gel Base Coat 15ml

Rubber Gel - Base Coat
Gel base and builder in one
Fills & fixes nails for a perfect manicure
Builds nail extensions
Prevents nails from breaking and chipping
Use with LED Lamp