Gelish Pro Brush On Builder (BIAB)


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Gelish Pro Brush On Builder (BIAB)

Gelish Brush on builder – Gel-based products have seen a revival in the industry of late, particularly builder in a bottle or BIAB gels, they have become the new staple item globally for any nail salon, clients ask for them by name, and nail techs want them, they are becoming more prominent here in Australia, every tech wants them.

Gelish brush on builder is a harder-wearing bottle-based gel within the Gelish range and will fill that gap between structure gel and hard gel within the range, and fill the demand from nail technicians and clients to have a true brush on builder bottle option. Designed to give more strength than ever before to natural nail overlays and also gives strength to create full-length extension whether using tips or sculpting forms, it will be launched in clear. Again this item will not be replacing any current core line items. But gives users and wearers the unique enhancement type strength but in a brush-on bottle-based gel. Brush On Builder can be infilled and soaked off.

It is hard wearing then structure gel and as mentioned used for extensions also. The retention capabilities of this product is amazing and has seen a vast majority of wearers going past the recommended 3 week wear time, it also has unique bio sourced gel technology which makes cuticle or sidewall flooding a thing of the past!