Cadiveu Blonde Reconstructor Range

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Inspired by the rarest and most precious pearls, the unique Blonde reconstructor formula with cyclodextrin, octyl restorative protein and pearl protein was developed with molecular encapsulation technology to provide a special and instant defence mechanism that protects and maintains intact and healthy blonde hair. Instant solution to the 5 most common blonde hair problems: breakage, frizz, porosity, unwanted yellow and orange tones , hair turning green after swimming.


Blonde Keeper Shampoo 250ml - Non-aggressive hair shampoo that gently cleanses and removes unwanted substances from your hair. Regular use prevents the appearance of unwanted yellow tones and keeps your desired blonde. Without sulfates, parabens, salt and silicones.


Reconstructive Mask 200ml - A protein mask with a slightly acidic pH and low molecular weight that deeply recovers hair from the cortex to the cuticle and improves its resistance to future damage and tears.


Acid mask 200 ml - Slightly acid mask with proteins and lipids. Restores hair deeply, reduces hair porosity, closes the cuticle and balances the pH of blonde hair.


Blonde Lock 200ml - Anti-rinsing spray with adhesive proteins and UV protection to avoid the appearance of unwanted yellow and orange tones as well as green after swimming in the pool. Reduces porosity, traps moisture, closes flowers and prevents electrification of hair.


Clarifying Shampoo 1L - With a slightly acid pH that removes heavy metals and minerals. It avoids unwanted reactions during the lightening preocess and improves the absorption of nutrients in cosmetic treatments.


Fiber Filler 1L - With a slightly acid pH and low molecular weight protiens that internally recovers the hair fiber from the cortex and enhances hair resistance against future breakage and damage.


pH Balancing Mask - With pearl proteein and lipids that rebalance the pH of discoloured strands while reducing porosity, and deeply seals the cuticles, making hair resistant anf glossy.