Artistic Nail Design Groupie Brush On Natural Pink Gel

Artistic Nail Design

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Natural pink and Rock Hard No other hard gel adheres, builds, and shines like this amazing brush on formula. Use it for color, strength or both!


•Approx. 60 One Coat Applications


•LED Lamp – 30 Second Cure


•36 Watt UV Lamp – 2 Minute Cure


•Available in 15 mL.



Used to create beautiful colour and strength to any enhancement service.

Apply GROUPIE BRUSH ON NATURAL PINK GEL to the nail plate after proper preparation and application of Opening Act non-acid primer.

Each coat must be cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp or 2 minutes in a UV lamp.

It is used to add colouration to the nail plate before a rock hard gel or liquid and powder overlays or extensions.

It is also used to assist with adhesion to the natural nail plate as the thinner the viscosity a gel is the better adhesion.

It cannot be used as a building gel by itself on long nails as it is a hard gel. When applied in numerous layers and coats it is quite hard and can crack.

It has a stickey inhibition layer that must not be removed when using it as a base gel for colouration or adhesion as the next layer of gel needs that stickey layer to bond correctly.

It cant be used for example like a gel polish application as it is a hard gel and can crack easily when the natural nail bends.